Ever Wondered Where Your Donations Go?

Earlier today, I delivered these 3 refurbished fire department pagers to the Buckskin/Barton Township Fire Department in Gibson County. Like many of the smaller departments, they operate on a limited budget and to purchase 3 new pagers would likely cost in the range of $1200-1500. Fortunately, with a background in repairing the older style of these pagers, and YOUR generous donations, I was able to obtain these used pagers online and get them cleaned up, new batteries and reprogrammed to work for their department. With your donations, we purchased the pagers, new batteries, crystals and alerting filters for around $75.00. My labor was free. So, the next time you see a Buckskin Firefighter, they may be wearing the pagers that YOU ALL helped fund.

I know some people are reserved about making a donation to our organization because of not knowing where your money goes. I can assure you (and I have the financial records to back it up) ALL of your donations go back to your local communities. We are all volunteers here and NONE of your donations go to any overhead. We do everything out of our own homes and donate all our hours, office supplies and other ancillary items needed to ensure your donations benefit your friends and neighbors. And, believe it or not, these pagers were purchased with the small $1-10 dollar donations. I know it doesn’t seem like a $5.00 donation doesn’t seem like much but, when over 8000 members are making small donations……they add up! I want to thank each and every one of you that helped to make this fire department donation possible. God Bless you all! – Charlie

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