Secret Santa

My friends, I wanted to show you a picture we took tonight when our Secret Santa visited some totally un-expecting families tonight and surprised them with gifts and meals. Many of you submitted requests to help families in our area and we helped as many as we could, however, donations this year have been way down. Last year, we had an anonymous donor give us $1500.00. This year, unfortunately, we barely collected $200. With the low donations, my family and the other moderators pitched in so we could help as many families as possible. We still have some families that are going to go without this year but we can only do as much as your generosity will allow. I know times are tight and I certainly don’t want to post request after request for money. If it were me watching these posts, I would get sick of seeing “please donate, please donate”. Would we have liked to helped more? Sure. Heck, I wouldn’t mind spending an entire day delivering gifts. If you have a couple of extra bucks laying around and would like to put it towards our efforts, I’ll be happy to go out and get some food or gifts for some of the remaining families we couldn’t help. You know, if every member of this site just donated a dollar, we would have over $9000 to help needy families in our community. Like I said, I know times are tight so if you’re able to help us out, great. The smile on this 8-year-old girl’s face says it all. Thanks to you all, she was able to have gifts to open this year. I’ll post ways you can donate, if you wish, in the comment box below. Thank you very much to everyone who’s helped thus far. God Bless You All and Merry Christmas my friends! – Charlie

You can donate via Paypal, which is the easiest way to donate. You can make a donation to the Gibson County Communique’ Foundation by sending any amount to

We no longer have our PO Box so, if you would like to send a check, send it to Gibson County Communique’ Foundation c/o Town of Patoka, PO Box 158 – Patoka, IN. 47666 – The town clerk will ensure all your donations are given directly to me for deposit.

We do have an account at Regions Bank and it is under the name, Gibson County Communique’ Foundation. You can stop by any Regions branch and make an anonymous donation if you provide them that account name.

Thanks again my friends. – Charlie

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